The Monarchy


by Bili Rubin

Asperger Syndrome
The Mathematics
Sir Isaac Newton

Way back in 1955, I started to collect information on ‘Days To Go'. At that time, there were nearly 35,000 of them which was longer than I expected to live. I mentioned quirky facts to my elders and my peers and was told ‘don't be silly', ‘how would you know?' or ‘so what?'. In my teens, I wanted to discuss the days left but was greeted with derision or ignored, after all ‘we won't be here!'. In my later life, I have come to simply understand that there are no willing ears to hear the story so I don't discuss it at all. However, not discussing it has not made it go away. It is still progressing at exactly the forecasted rate. In fact, the only change is that where I accepted in my formative years that it would happen on a particular date, now, I declare that it will have happened before that date. That date is 31st December 2050. I don't invite comments and I don't seek your approval. Collectively, you have already told me what you feel about my thoughts on the time we have left and I have no option but to accept it.

Something else has changed too. I am now nearly 60 and my health is beginning to fail and I have decided to publish my copious notes and calculations. You may not have wanted to listen but you certainly will have to the opportunity to read what I have to say. You will find this site, despite it not being publicised. You may read it and perhaps even understand it. I will be long gone before that happens. This is my work, which is given with an open heart. You can work out what it is that will happen when all the days are gone.

S.A.T.O. January 2007

God help us.
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